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Here at Crafted, we've made friends with technology to bring you high quality countertops!


We start with our LT-2D3D Laser Templator from Laser Product Industries. Long gone are the days of only hand-measuring and scribing to walls with wood templates. This laser allows us to measure for your countertops with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.

The laser takes pinpoint measurements along your walls and cabinets to create a digital template of the raw dimensions of your countertops. We then upload these precise measurements to our programming software to create a drawing with all your specifications. We add your sink cutout, edge profile, corner radii, overhangs and all the details needed to fabricate your countertops to perfection! This drawing will be sent for your review and approval before fabrication begins.

Extensive Range

Virtual 360° visibility for horizontal and vertical measuring from 2 inches up to 200 feet.

Precise Measuring

1/16" accuracy for precise measurements and installs.

Head over to our Fabrication page to learn about our process and how we bring quality to countertops.

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