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STEP 1: Material Inspection & Picturing

The first and most important step in fabrication is making sure we start with high-quality materials. 

Every single slab and remnant that comes through our shop goes through an intense inspection process by one of our trained staff members. We do this to guarantee the material we are using and fabricating is top tier. 


The next part of this step is picturing the material. We have invested in the Slabsmith software from Northwoods Designs, Inc. This software allows us to photograph slabs and remnants to scale. We can then create a "color layout" which will show what the countertops will look like before we cut and fabricate them.

Color layouts allow color match across seams to be precise and cohesive. 

Slabs are pictured to scale for optimum programing and slab layout.

33435 Bogle Color Layout_edited_edited.j

STEP 2: Cutting

The material will then go on our Saber Wet Saw from Park Industries. With the saw, we cut out the rough shapes of the countertops before it goes on our CNC Router.

STEP 3: CNC Routing

The countertop pieces are then placed on our Titan CNC Router from Park Industries for routing. Here, the sink cut out, edge profile and corner radii are added, bringing the pieces to their final finished dimensions. They come off the machine with polished edges and are only one step away from being installed in your home!

STEP 4: Finishing Touches & Final Inspection

For the last step in fabrication, we bring the countertops to our polish tables. The fabricators make sure all edges are polished correctly, round the bottom edge of the countertops and inspected to make sure everything is fabricated to perfection. We then place the piece in our holding area to wait for your scheduled installation. 

Head over to our Installation page to learn about the last step in our process.

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